Hoofin' It

A study in the effects of antimatter ballistics on demonic cyberflesh (version 2)

0. News

Aug 28 2020 - These aren't new, but I should mention here that two players have uploaded videos of the mod to youtube - check out RealmOfMatias and Aquarius199. Thanks to Aquarius for awarding Hoofin' It the Seals of Goodness and Dumbness!

Sep 24 2019 - Version 2.1 is out. Fixes a bug where the player starts with some superfluous ammo, rebalances armor. (changelog | video)

Sep 17 2019 - You can now watch a video demonstration of the first few levels of Doom with this mod on youtube!!

1. Download

2. Info

Hello, thank you for volunteering for the UAC weapons testing program. For operation "Hoofin' It", you will be tasked with testing the prototype AMSG-10K, an incredibly powerful antimatter rifle, in a fatal combat simulation. To aid in ease of adoption, this weapon looks and functions just like the shotgun you're familiar with, but instead of shells it accurately fires an antimatter slug capable of dealing 10,000 damage to a single target. Your ammunition supply will be unlimited, so don't hesitate to put the AMSG through its paces. The exploding barrels have also been filled with antimatter, so use these to your advantage, but be sure to keep your distance.

To gauge optimal combat effectiveness, you will be placed in a simulation of your first mission on the UAC Mars base in which every target has been replaced with the creature you know as a "cyberdemon". Be advised that placing a large number of cyberdemons in unfamiliar environments may cause them to behave unpredictably.

To assist you with this dangerous task, you will be provided with a larger number of high-level health and armor upgrades, and your maximum limit for each resource has been doubled. In addition, the cyberdemons will drop (now-obsolete) energy cell ammunition. These cells can be used to power a modified rocket launcher that can convert 100 cells into a "Soulsphere", an artifact that provides a large amount of health. You also have a modified plasma rifle that can convert 200 cells into an artifact that grants temporary invulnerability. Use these devices wisely, as energy cells will be a scarce resource.

You will also notice what looks like a standard issue BFG-9000 in your loadout. This was another prototype antimatter weapon originally intended for testing during this operation, but a malfunction was discovered after preparations were complete. Do not attempt to use this weapon, as in its current form it consumes a massive amount of energy and is critically unstable.

Please report your observations after each 8-floor sector. The data you provide will be invaluable for future weapon research projects.

3. Instructions

Put hoof_v2.zip and a Doom IWAD in the same directory as GZDoom. An original Doom 1 or Ultimate Doom IWAD is recommended, it'll work with other ones but isn't designed with Doom 2 monsters and items in mind.

Drag hoof_v2.zip onto GZDoom.exe (or whatever the Linux thing is) to launch. Weapons are on 1-4 only. This is just for funsies and I haven't played through the whole game with the mod yet, some levels may not be finishable even with the invincibility gun. Feel free to cheat when necessary and I welcome any feedback, especially regarding specific areas that give you a hard time. I may be able to tweak the maps to make those areas more doable in this mode.

4. Changelog

Version 2.1: Removes some superfluous ammo from the player's starting inventory. Rebalances armor: the armor bonus is back and gives you 10%. All standard armor now provides 50% damage reduction instead of 33%, and blue armor now provides 66% DR.

Version 2 makes substantial changes:

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