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Regularly updated text content; like this blog, except not me. If it doesn't have an RSS feed, it probably belongs in another category.

CD-ROM journal: Dives into the strange world of 1990s multimedia.

CrimethInc.: Anarchist news, analysis, and activism.

The CRPG Addict: What-it-says-on-the-tin doer. 78th-degree computer sorcerer.

David Gerard: Cryptocoin clowning and debunkery.

fluffy: I had lunch with fluffy and they were a total delight.

goofpunk: Vi's personal blog about various topics. Also check out the rad homepage, please.

idiomdrottning: Prolific personal blog about numerous interesting topics, plus emacs.

Lawyers, Guns & Money: Politics, left-of-center POV, interesting perspectives. Maya: ditherpunk and leading voice of the goblin web.

Tom 7 Radar: The guy who makes all those videos on the youtube. You know, those ones.

void Fox();: Trysdyn—RPG Jolteon and code witch.

Waxing Poetic About Life: My love's online journal.

Web3 is going great: [Narrator] Web3 is not going great.


A little less bloggy, a little more homey.

Adam Cadre: Author of fiction (interactive and non-). Writes about media, teaching, and writing. Feedless blog.

bikobatanari: biko's site is so cool. I can only dream of having a website this cool. Please go there and just click around and explore.

bryn::writing: Original fiction, essays, extensive media analysis.

♡cinni's dream home♡: the ultimate homepage Pencil sketches of blog posts.

soweli!: Soweli means animal.

spriteclad: Spriteclad; multimedia aficionado and scholar of memesis.

Suricrasia Online: Wait, why am I linking to my ISP? That's weird. Well, they got a pretty good library, go check it out.

xyzzyzzyzx: xyzzyzzyzx; weirder earthling and author of short fiction.

zaz: Lexi's homepage, opinions, diary, etc.

Zelkova's Stuff: Zelkova's stuff. Beautiful art and comics, lovely neat homepage.


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