I'm m·bluelander. That's an m followed by a ·, a symbol known as an interpunct or middot. You can pronounce it minterpunct, or mmiddot, or call me mint or mid for short. You can also just call me m, mb, or bluelander. "minterpunct" is the way I chose to represent it on fedi, but m· is the canon spelling, so interpret it as you will.

Nonbinary they/them. I was born in nineteen eighty-five in Appalachia, a mountainous region of the eastern United States, where I still reside. The land I live on rightfully belongs to the Tsalagi people. Local time is UTC -5 (-4 during DST.)

I'm an anarchist raccoon. By day I am a humble spreadsheet mechanic; by evening, I'm a writer and a programmer; by night, I am a sleepy critter. I'm trying my best to be a positive nihilist. I'm tired, but I have Izzy, my wonderful spouse, and she keeps me going ❤🐼

My favorite color is purple.

It is customary to display a list of my interests on the info page of a personal website, so you know if you should follow me, but I'm sort of interested in everything, and my level of interest in any particular thing waxes and wanes unpredictably. To be as broad and unhelpful as possible, I'm interested in sustainable technology, art, literature, music, games, history, science, politics, and law.

Thank you for being a friend 🦝